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This website is made by the Student Union’s IT and Club Pub Departments to allow all students to have resources that would help them run their organizations, clubs and publications. The website hosts a new and improved charter system, which will allow the SU to better understand the activity’s purpose and allow students to full understand the activity, so they can consider if they are interested. The charter questions also create a page for the activity, which can be found on the catalog. The catalog allows students to use different filters to help them narrow down the wide range of activities present at Stuyvesant to the ones they are genuinely interested in. We have also integrated a room reservation system, calendars (overall, club specific and personalized to members) and member notification system to help leaders to organize meetings and keep all their members informed.

This site wouldn’t be possible without the help of:

William Wang, SU President ’18-’19
Vishwaa Sofat, SU Vice President ’18-’19
Gilvir Gill, SU IT ’17-’18; Stuyvesant ’18
Ivan Galakhov, SU IT ’18-’19
Alwin Peng, SU IT ’18-’19
Jesse Hall, SU IT ’18-’19
Abir Taheer, SU IT ’18’19
Elizabeth Avakov, SU Clubs & Pubs ’18-’19
Gordon Ebanks, SU Clubs & Pubs ’18-’19
Joshua Weiner, SU SLT '18-'19